2023 Scholarship and Team Winners

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Scholarship Recipients for the Academic Competitions

Accounting 1

First Place receiving $500 

  • Adeline Smith, O’Fallon Township High School

Second Place each receiving $300

  • Andrew Hill, O’Fallon Township High School
  • Ashleigh Jamruck, Mater Dei High School
  • Waylan Van Horne, Centralia High School

Third Place each receiving $250

  • Carson Green, Centralia High School
  • Mia Hoyte, O’Fallon Township High School
  • Kylee Nesbit, O’Fallon Township High School
  • Kaitlyn Tillock, O’Fallon Township High School

Accounting 2

First Place each receiving $500

  • William Graham, Centralia High School
  • Ryder Koger, Centralia High School
  • Nathan Hendry, Marion High School

Second Place each receiving $300

  • Mahek Desai, Flora High School
  • Tyler Malone, Marion High School

Third Place each receiving $250

  • Raelyn Dearing, Centralia High School
  • Caverly Oates, Marion High School
  • Jacob Hall, Marion High School

Community College

First Place receiving $500

  • Jensen Boatwright, Kaskaskia College

Second Place receiving $300

  • Jordyn Duensing, Kaskaskia College

Team Competition Winners

Accounting 1

First Place: O’Fallon Township High School Team #3 consisting of 

  • Emma Janning
  • Kylee Nesbit
  • Adeline Smith
  • Danae Tyus

Second Place: Mater Dei Team #1 consisting of 

  • Ashleigh Jamruck
  • Jake Richter
  • Jack Shelton

Accounting 2

First Place: Marion Team #7 consisting of 

  • Nathan Hendry
  • Haylee Lambert
  • Tommy Wiseman

Second Place: Flora Team #8 consisting of 

  • Ava Cammon
  • Mahek Desai
  • Justin Pietz

Community College 

First Place: Kaskaskia Team #2 consisting of 

  • Jensen Boatwright
  • Jordynn Duensing
  • Chloe Tepe
  • Esai Uribe